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Importer, Supplier & Techincal Service Provider For Zirconia Beads, Stabilised Zirconia Beads, Zirconium Silicate Beads, Ceramic Zirconia Beads For Beadmilling & Surface Treatment...

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About Us

M/s Magnus Impex Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1993, for a techno-commercial promotion of the PET Film for Magnetic Tapes from M/s SKC Ltd., Korea; and the products of the Zirpro division (formerly M/s SEPR) of the Group Saint-Gobain; for India and neighbouring countries.

From 2018, Magnus Impex have also been given the responsibility of promoting ZirPro products in the selected East Africa Markets. Magnus Impex Pvt Ltd. is the venture of Mr. Mitravasu Sharma who is a Chemistry (Hons) from the University of Delhi and an MBA (Intl. Trade) from the Faculty of Management Studies in University of Delhi.

Mr. Mitravasu Sharma gained valuable experience in managing Projects and Imports while working with the leading Engineering companies, before taking up the responsibility for the promotion of the SKC Ltd. and ZirPro products, in 1993.

These products offered are rated the best in its category all over the world. The Grades of ‘Beads’ for Dispersion and Surface-Treatment, being supplied by us, are the Productive and Cost-Efficient options to the user. The use of Nano Powders and superior process knowhow puts our products ahead of other products from companies claiming to offer the ‘Beads” with similar Chemical composition. 

All the products are supplied in original packing with stickers showing the batch nos. All the supplies are backed by a Quality Certificate of the batch supplied, and MSDS.

The Ex-stock supplies and prompt technical support have made M/s Magnus Impex Pvt Ltd the leaders in providing solutions in productivity and quality in Bead-Milling operations.
We always visit the customers for discussions and training about an efficient bead-milling and an on-site problem solving.

It’s the professional conduct of ‘Magnus’ in providing the Ex-stock delivery and technical support on maximizing the Beadmilling process; that makes it a preferred vendor in the segments like Paints, Liquid Inks, Agrochemicals & Pharmaceuticals and others requiring deagglomeration and dispersion in their manufacturing process.

‘Magnus’ are proud to submit that at least half of the top 10 companies in any industry segment are their customers.

Group Saint-Gobain (estb.1665) is a $46 Bn, Fortune-500 French Conglomerate, comprising more than 100 companies; employing more than 170,000 people across 67 countries.  The philosophy of Group Saint-Gobain is to be the leader in either European or Worldwide rankings in any of the businesses they undertake. Innovation is at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s strategy. More than 25% of the group’s sales are generated through products which were developed less than five years ago. Saint-Gobain operates under four verticals (divisions): Flat Glass, High Performance Material such as Zirconia Beads, Ceramic Zirconia Beads, Construction Products and Building Distribution.

The ZirPro (formerly M/s SEPR) is a part of “High Performance Materials” Division; comprising the following five business segments:

  • Microgrinding & Dispersion: Grades Zirmil Y, Zirmil Ce, Rimax and Minerax. Used for the Deagglomreration and Dispersion in the industry segment like Paints, Liquid/Digital Inks, Pigment Dispersions, Agrichemicals and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Surface Treatment: Ceramic Zirconia Beads for Shot blasting and Shot peening applications. Usage in mould cleaning (Tyres, Glass bottles), SS and Aluminum profiling, medical and food industry equipment cleaning and many more. The Shot Peening is done heavily in Aerospace industry, namely on brake pads and landing gears.
  • Zirconia Chemicals: ZBC, ZBS, ZOC, AZST, etc.- used in Paint driers, Leather Tanning chemicals and other industries.
  • Zirconia Powders: Grades CC10, CC05 and CC02- used in high performance Pigments.
  • Technical Ceramics: Grades CC, CS, CZ, CY3Z and UprYze etc. Pure Zirconia powders, along with Yttria stabilized Zirconia powders used for making structural ceramics for high wear and Hydrothermal resistant applications, and also in Dental and Piezo ceramics applications.

Trade Memberships & Awards     

  • The Colour Society
  • IPCA
  • IPA
  • Other leading associations in their respective industry segments

Main Activity

Technical support for optimization of the Bead-Milling process and supply of Beads made from the “INHOUSE” produced NANO sized Powders as following:

  • Yttria /Ceria Stabilised Zirconia 
  • Zirconium Silicate powder
  • Zirconia Toughened Alumina

All the grades (Zirmil Y, Zirmil Ce, Rimax, Minerax, Zirblast, Zirgrit & Zirshot) for Deagglomeration & Dispersion and Surface Treatment; being offered by us, are Sourced from the manufacturing facility of M/s Saint-Gobain ZirPro at Handan in the HEBEI province of CHINA. The facility for manufacturing the NANO sized Powder used to produce the ZirPro products is also located nearby. This gives us a good control over the timely supplies and best quality of Raw Material. Both the Plants are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

Consistency of Quality

Its said that any Beadmill is only as good as the media it uses. Being a determining factor for the efficiency of the Beadmill; it is important to use the best quality Beads and chose a vendor that maintains the consistency in the Quality of supply.

We supply the products in the sealed jerrycans with original sticker showing the batch no. The quality Certificate is supplied with each batch.

What Makes Us Reliable?

  • Swift Delivery System- Our company has developed alliances with renowned logistics companies which assists in doing swift deliveries.
  • Core Values- Our company has imbibed in its work culture values like morality, honesty and unity which aids in strengthening business relations.
  • Market Understanding- We are proud to boast about being blessed with a dedicated team which keeps an eye over the changing market dynamics. They study allows us insight in new designs and Equipments and Products and helps us in aligning our products and offerings towards fulfilling the objectives of the customer and the equipment manufacturers.
  • Packaging- To earn the trust of customer, we supply products in original packing label showing batch no. quality certificate provided for each batch.
  • Technical Support- More than 20 years of experience in providing technical support to customers with onsite visits for optimizing the bead-milling process.
  • On Time Delivery- We also assure of dispatching the orders on the same day of receiving customer's PO.
  • Direct Imports- We offer “direct imports’ to the customers having large requirement. This cuts the transactions cost and yield benefit to the customers.

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    Ceria Stabilised Zirconia Beads ZIRMIL Ce
    Ceria Stabilised Zirconia Beads ZIRMIL Ce
    Surface Treatment Beads Zirblast
    Surface Treatment Beads Zirblast
    Shot Blasting Zirshot
    Shot Blasting Zirshot
    Zirconia Beads
    Zirconia Beads
    Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Beads
    Yttria Stabilised Zirconia Beads
    Yttria Stabilised Zironia Beads Zirmil Y
    Yttria Stabilised Zironia Beads Zirmil Y
    Zirconium Silicate Beads RIMAX
    Zirconium Silicate Beads RIMAX
    Zirconia Toughened Alumina Minerax
    Zirconia Toughened Alumina Minerax